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Using Our Website was created to give you the most accurate and complete database of available rentals in the best areas Miami has to offer. We Rent Brickell focuses on the urban core of Miami known as, Brickell, Downtown & Edgewater as well as Miami Beach. Our website uses the latest technology in a user friendly format in order to make the condo search process as simple and fun as possible. Our clients use our unique system to find their next condo and can easily search by specific building, area, price range and/or a custom map draw feature.
To simplify the rental process we have installed a “Favorites” tab where you can easily compare each condo and save your top choices. Simply click on the * for each of your desired condos and it will automatically be added to the list. Once you have chosen your favorites click “Send to Agent” and enter your information and the best time to contact you. Our office will immediately receive your desired list and an agent will reach out to you to discuss the next steps and to set up viewing times.

Renting With Us

Do you prefer a quiet building, or one with lots of activity? Do you need high end amenities or like rooftop pools? We Rent Brickell is familiar with the buildings that make up our Miami skyline and we can guide you towards the buildings that match your taste and lifestyle. Prior to visiting potential condos we recommend that you choose between 7 and 10 properties which will allow you to see enough properties and properly choose your next home. Once we have your top choices we will discuss your expectations for your rental as well as your monthly budget.
We can then use our experience to suggest additional areas or buildings for you to consider. Once we have finalized the units you are interested in visiting we can setup a time to tour the potential properties. You should plan at least 45 minutes for each unit you are interested in seeing – this will allow enough time for parking, seeing the amenities, spending time in the condo and enjoying the views. After visiting all of the condos you should select your top 3 choices so we can do a pro/con analysis of each property and finally select your favorite condo and place an offer for lease.

Renting In Miami

The entire rental process can be completed in as quickly as 3 days or as long as 2-3 weeks. Selecting an apartment can usually be done on the same day of tours or on the 2nd or 3rd visit. After we have negotiated a fair price for your rental you should be prepared to submit a background check, provide proof of income/employment and fill out a building application which will need to be approved by the condo management association.

The building application is usually what takes longest and be completed within 72 hours in some buildings, or as long as 2 to 3 weeks in others. We suggest the use of renters insurance to protect you and the landlord in case of damage or theft. Insurance can be had for as little as $25 per month and is worth the peace of mind. Keep in mind that most buildings only allow service elevators for moving purposes to be reserved during the week. This means you may need to plan your move-in date ahead of time

What Do I Need To Rent?

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